Screen Printing - Embroidery - Custom Orders

Custom Handcrafted Apparel & Gifts

We can create just about anything you dream up. Below you will find descriptions of our design processes.

Give us a call (713-294-9916) to start your one of a kind design or come by and check out our store, located in Liberty, Texas.

-Used on apparel, and signage
-Available in solid colors, hologram prints, glitter, foil, animal prints and more
-You can feel the design on the top of the product
-Ideal for smaller runs
Sublimation (Full Color)
     -Used on white or light colored apparel and a variety of other products
     -Great for putting photos on products to give lasting memories
     -Used on apparel with 50% or more polyester fabric
          *The higher the polyester percentage the crisper the image
          *50% and 60% polyester is great for vintage looks
     -The design is embedded in the surface so you do not feel the image
     -The image won’t crack, peel or fade. 
     -Examples of other products are:
          *Coffee mugs, key chains, cutting boards, fishing lures, ornaments,
           mouse pads and so much more
     -Great for any size run
 -Best for single and multi color designs
-Ideal for large runs (minimum of 12)


     Multiple Process

     Use multiple processes in your designs for total customization